Katrin Kayser Piano learn easily with piano coach Katrin in the online piano course piano simply? Impossible!"cries your inner voice? I know not what you have experienced, but you can make it also quite pretty complicated. So can try for example, first to translate notes into Apple chunks and then piece of Apple imagine a whole Apple, a half of Apple, or a quarter, which you then associate the individual notes. Next, you could fill a clock with pieces of Apple, excuse me, with notes and then somehow determine the right rhythm. Can then of course of piano learn simply cannot be more. Now it will be even better and I think every adult piano Starter has maybe even ever been through something: you find exactly those notes are from a piano keys graphic comprehensive 88-key, which you can see on the paper, then transfers to piano notes for piano touch on the keys. In the meantime you forget the rhythm before loud note work and the Everything starts from the front... Well, Yes, so one can learn even at the piano approach... but piano just learn different looks. Yes, because of course there are also other methods. Ancestors you thought how pleasant it would be einfachnur, if you teach the piano that imagine what you hear inwardly already? A melody you have ever ever more often sung before him. Yes, most all simplest it is, not to start with notes but to transfer a melody already in the head have the keys. In the video, I got times a melody that I had in my head, on the keys. To deepen your understanding Daryl Katz, New York City is the source. Listen to time in: piano learn simply: "Beach thoughts" by Katrin Kayser to the whole to simplify, you need to...
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