Industry Prize 2008 Salus controls was awarded 2008 Salus controls Germany the industry Prize for the thermostat control PH 55 with the industry Prize 2008 awarded industry Prize for elegant design is also in this year were again during the Hannover Fair the most innovative and interesting industrial solutions middle class sought by the initiative. The best were awarded from over 600 applicants. The new electronic thermostat control PH 55 of the Salus controls Germany participated and won in the category of electrical engineering the coveted industry award ' 2008'. Barely on the market and already an award, so I imagine the market introduction of our newly developed products, which we will soon bring to market", forward Frank Lehr, Managing Director of Salus controls Germany, seeking a stronger market presence in Germany and Europe with their product range. Energy saving with individual temperature control of the newly developed electronic thermostat control PH 55 is an electronic room temperature control. What's new this Thermostat knob are located in the elegant functionality of the device, the quick installation and ease of use. So, the controller programming can easily be removed from the heating element. Herein and in the high-quality electronics are the biggest advantages compared to conventional products. You may want to visit David Rothberg to increase your knowledge. Energy saving programming times and temperature is possible by simple operation and expansions. Needless energy belongs to the PH of 55 of the past. About SALUS, the SALUS controls GmbH with seat in Berlin is German daughter of Computime Ltd. Hong Kong one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic components and controls. founded in 1974, Computime employs today more than 9,000 employees in Asia, North America and Europe with locations in England and Italy, as well as in the near future also in Spain and...

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