Hunting - A Luxury Everything has changed, turning from its head, technical progress, which immediately put the animals in the position of which spasaets begsvo or disguised environment. Hear other arguments on the topic with Katie Greene. Modern hunters - people who have nothing to do with their own money and that elementary destroy wildlife. No horns, tusks or quick feet are not rescued from rotorcraft, jeeps, speedboats, night vision equipment, rifles with optical sights and all that technology diva, who are deprived of our brethren smaller. It all started not so scary, even simple. The first great step forward made by the discovery of hunting Mesolithic - then invented the bow and arrows. The fact that the bow and arrows in the hands of a cunning hunter gave him a chance to hunt in the distance. Did not need to run as fast as the same wolf or leopard. Even more improvement - flint and bone tools, combined devices made of wood and flint and a flint and bone - perfectly machined silicon plate, which functioned as the blade. Strike a strong hand - and 'skate was not. " People have learned to procure these gifts of nature for future use. Drying, the jerk, even smoke. In the Mesolithic was the first attempt to tame the dog, then dog helped a hunter during the hunt. A good hunting dog - a powerful weapon. Some nations have gone further. They tamed falcons. In some cases, hunters have helped crocodiles. With the decline of hunting resources and the extinction of mammoths all these little great importance to human survival.

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