Folkcare Products We have already talked to you about the "crows feet", making them appear as by normalization of the diet can eliminate them or at least make it less noticeable. However, the "crow's feet" - wrinkles around the eyes - this is not the only "Nuisance" that occurs in this area and causes distress. Often under-eye puffiness appear or "bags", which also adds to our individual beauty and freshness. But before we begin to deal with them, let us denote the causes of the "bags" under eyes. Due to metabolic disturbances in the body accumulates excess fluid, which leads to the expansion and filling with blood vessels. (A valuable related resource: Ventavia). Spicy, salty food, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, kidney disease and liver, thyroid and cardiovascular systems - these are the causes on which there are "bags" under eyes. As you can see, some can be eliminated independently, some - require medical advice and treatment. If you can not limit yourself and restrain from "undesirable" habits, then you are doomed to wear the "bags" under the eyes. Cosmetics are not you in this will help, because after a while "bags" are the cause of the appearance of wrinkles in the mesh area. Note whether you have an allergic reaction to cosmetics, or any other products, which may result in cause swelling. Frequent swelling will lead to stretching and thinning of the skin and the formation of premature wrinkles. Do not decorate our face and blue circles under his eyes. The reasons for their occurrence are most often lack of sleep, fatigue, anemia, paleness of the face, heredity.

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