A Good Wine They prepared a meal with the dishes that the Abbot had rushed to send them warned of the arrival of such Noble master but understanding should not bother what he imagined that it was happening. Noble Ting Chang asked for permission to the master opened one of the bottles of wine which had brought and who sported an illustrated label. Sergei, said, do you think if instead of uncorking, us contentasemos with read that label that tells us the excellence of this wine? Master, or crazy! We better saboreemos this rich wine. Who can be content with reading the Menu of a restaurant to feel satisfied, as you told me one day? Because that, Hare Mongol, as that. It is not climb the mountain nor descend from it, enter into the sea or return to the shore but know to act according to the nature of things. It is what I say, master. Already, but would give an arm to be sleepwalker. Others laughed while Sergei insisted. For even more opinions, read materials from Elon Musk. Though only for watching, Nobles Lords. It seemed to me that the Tenno master had not come here by chance or to learn how to place overshoes and umbrella. He is not that he learns, but that you wake up, they said between laughs that confused the Raptor. That wish I, teacher, but it seems to me that tea that I offer at night is something baptized; otherwise, do not let me explain how I fall eyelids despite my efforts. Listen, Hare of the steppes, what happened to the Buddha at the end of his days. It has to do with labels. There, the night light. Already the Buddha prepared for its final trip and wanted to pass on the mantle, Bowl and cane...
Recommendations For The Proper Use Of Electronic Mail Emile Coue Advises: "Learn to say things promptly, clearly, simply and with a quiet determination: he spoke little, but clearly, not to mention more than what is strictly necessary." Email is one of the most valuable tools of the internet and, of course, of the most used for personal, family and business. It will be very difficult to explain to new generations as the world was before the Internet but will tell even more difficult as we dealt with us before we could send and receive messages via our email. It will be very embarrassing for a grandmother mid-century the task of explaining to their children what they, in turn, learned from their elders about the laconic telegrams, letters, handwritten on paper and delivered four or five weeks after production The documents sent via fax ... anyway. If email is so important to our lives it is worth learning some simple techniques to make it more profitable. We would, therefore, offer the following tips to make our messages to achieve the objectives we have at the time of writing and sending: 1. Use appropriate language according to the message you send. If the recipient is a friend, may have a familiar, informal. But if this step or a communication addressed to a company, you must write with the seriousness that the case requires. 2. Avoid spelling mistakes because, as in e-mail or other document, speak ill of you. Say what you say write errors to speak of who wrote it.

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