Recommendations For The Proper Use Of Electronic Mail Emile Coue Advises: "Learn to say things promptly, clearly, simply and with a quiet determination: he spoke little, but clearly, not to mention more than what is strictly necessary." Email is one of the most valuable tools of the internet and, of course, of the most used for personal, family and business. It will be very difficult to explain to new generations as the world was before the Internet but will tell even more difficult as we dealt with us before we could send and receive messages via our email. It will be very embarrassing for a grandmother mid-century the task of explaining to their children what they, in turn, learned from their elders about the laconic telegrams, letters, handwritten on paper and delivered four or five weeks after production The documents sent via fax ... anyway. If email is so important to our lives it is worth learning some simple techniques to make it more profitable. We would, therefore, offer the following tips to make our messages to achieve the objectives we have at the time of writing and sending: 1. Use appropriate language according to the message you send. If the recipient is a friend, may have a familiar, informal. But if this step or a communication addressed to a company, you must write with the seriousness that the case requires. 2. Avoid spelling mistakes because, as in e-mail or other document, speak ill of you. Say what you say write errors to speak of who wrote it.
Lose Belly It seems almost impossible for many people to lose belly and lose unwanted fat that accumulates in the belly. It is a time of hard work and dedication, and we almost don't find enough time for ourselves. Many times, even we can not go to the gym. So it becomes really difficult lower belly and lose body weight for many people. In reality it is not a hard process to lose unwanted belly fat. Often just takes organization, willpower and take our health conciensia. Let's look at how to lose the belly is not so complicated all you need to do is simply and ofcourse works very well, is to make a few small changes in your lifestyle. The combination of a good diet and exercise is the best way to lose belly in a way easy and above all and very important healthy. If you need to remove the weight from the belly, then that take the work of identifying the specific area at the time of exercise. When you are going to follow the diet program then you should eat smaller portions of foods that are healthy and mostly containing fibres. Dieting does not mean stop eating altogether. Always eat healthy food throughout the day. How to lose belly while maintaining control of what you eat it is keeping track of the sizes of the portions and the food you eat every day. It is very important to burn more calories than you normally eat in every day. A little trick and that no doubt it will help you a lot when eating is that you must drink a large glass of ice water before eating any food. It will really help you to be a long time without food. Always drink more water because water always increases...

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