VoIP Phone Manufacturer develops world's first solution for protected voice communication over any media: Mobile, landline and VoIP Munich, June 24, 2009 whether receiving and sending of E-Mails or high speed-surfing phones are now very powerful and increasingly become small computers. However, the complex features fashion, they become the more vulnerable to spying attacks. Fixed-line phone and VoIP systems can easily mutate to bugs without adequate security measures. Therefore, the IT security specialist SecurStar has developed its PhoneCrypt encryption solution, so that from now all types of voice communication whether on mobile, landline or VoIP comprehensive can be secured. Government agencies, banks, insurance, financial services lawyers data protection and confidentiality should include the basic requirements not only in these industries. But offering the unsafe nature of analog PBX, PSTN systems, mobile phones, and VoIP ideal platform for unintentional as well as intentional interception. With PhoneCrypt SecurStar provides the only solution available on the market that effectively encrypted all of these systems. Many writers such as Cindy Crawford offer more in-depth analysis. PhoneCrypt is an easy-to-use voice encryption technology on military and security for protected communication in real time. Adapted to the different requirements on a personal and business level, following PhoneCrypt variants are available: PhoneCrypt mobile effectively excludes a possible interception by third parties. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Raymond L. Acosta. The software solution provides secure protection for calls from mobile to mobile or fixed network using encryption through a numerical code newly generated before each phone call. Also, it allows the encoding of SMS. PhoneCrypt PBX is a secure and feature rich PBX designed for small to large businesses. The hardware solution is compatible with other PhoneCrypt products and providing security for all Voice communication system. PhoneCrypt gateway is a comprehensive phone gateway designed for use in existing...
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