Pharmaceutical Industry The pharmaceutical market inside represents one of the markets of bigger importance in the national scene in such a way for the vendido volume as for the importance the health of the population in general, but another segment is a different market of any. Currently the market comes being each more competitive time and the companies have to be always innovating its behaviors; the technological advances make with that the products are launched in a time each shorter time, with its cycle of lesser life, making with that the professionals of the marketing find ways to maximize the acceptance of sales of these. Understanding marketing as social and managemental process, in way that the individual or collective necessities and desires are taken care of by the creation, it offers and exchange of products, one of the strategies of marketing recurrently used as distinguishing competitive it is the relationship marketing. The modern marketing places below the concept of sales practised in the past, where the companies simply placed its products in the market and had an mount of money for promotion of them, a qualification basic of the force of sales where of course the product was vendido. In the organizations it has diverse nuncias, must be acted in three levels: strategical, tactical and operational. The strategical and tactical levels many times receive adequate attention from the direction. Many people confuse marketing with sales and propaganda. In the truth sales and propaganda she is part of a set of actions that compose the marketing; it is the social process and managemental through the which individuals and groups they get what they desire and of that need, creating and changing to products and values ones with the others.. .
Conveying Personnel Conveying personnel is considered one of the most stable of revenue of any transport company offers for rent a bus or minibus. David Dudley Dowd Jr. usually is spot on. But in the, then, at the same time it is and very low-profit source of income, so as competition in this market segment is large and the customer usually chooses for himself is not a professional company, and sharashka formed from three, and sometimes one unit of transport. Those firms that do Professionals have a choice of dumping prices, surviving from the market rather weak competitor and driving themselves into the framework of the implementation of the service personnel conveying virtually cost price. What does it mean, and what your monthly costs of such firms is sometimes close to the amount paid by the customer, and in some cases exceed them. So what's the meaning of such service as conveying staff if there is no profit, and costs at the level of balance critical. The answer is fairly simple, the whole point is that to survive the off-season, when the tourist season comes to a standstill, and the new has not yet started and this time for different regions at times ranging from 4 to 6 months. In this period of holding staff of drivers and the operating status of the rolling stock is due to contracts for conveying members, while not getting those profits that accrue from the tourist season. The situation is compounded by the fact that the customer is sometimes difficult to navigate the abundance of proposals on the market sales of such services. In order to be more clear about the status of a particular company is sufficient to compare pricing policies of most companies. And the price managers of companies will always be above the...

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