Tokyo Skocks - where to? It will be interesting to analyze the data of Nipponese interactions and fluctuations in the stock market during the rest of the week, and this, in correlation with the behavior of the yen. Crude Oil was at it's highest recorded level just six months ago, then it traded above $56 a barrel, and was not affected significantly for the first time since November. Surprised, benefiting the oil, the U.S. inventory data, given that they fell, and also the decline in private-sector layoffs during the month of April both promoted the optimism for a faster economic recovery than expected. Crude oil reached $ 56 compared to the minimum that had occurred during the month of January in the area of $ 34, a phenomenon that was encouraged by the progress of the stock market, and above all, by the optimism generated among analysts and the conclusion that the global economy could start recovering sooner than expected. (Similarly see: Gunnar Peterson). Besides the dollar's decline ended benefiting the oil. During the past week, U.S. consumer confidence increased, the expenditure in construction and real estate sales had also surprised the market, factors that helped to pick up oil. If current trends continue, a value above $ 60 would be likely. Technical News EUR / USD after the volatility seen, the pair seems to have calmed down, and all indicators show signs neutral. However, figure 4 hours time and you can see a possible strengthening of the pair. If Bollinger bands began to narrow over the next few hours, could return to dominate the volatility in the pair. It would be advisable to wait until the break happens. GBP / USD uptrend does not seem to run into a level of significant resistance. The indicators are in neutral territory. However, on the daily chart,...

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