Ibiza Relaxed holiday Ibiza discover Mediterranean island of Ibiza has much more to offer than beach parties, disco nights and mass tourism. The island from a significantly quieter side, as many would probably suspect it shows especially in the low season. In the spring, you can explore Ibiza particularly well with the bike. The travel portal reisen.de introduces the less well-known facet of the island. Who is planning for his next holiday in Ibiza, should decide the best for a period outside the main season. In the period from the autumn until early spring, the island is practically a paradise for those who want to enjoy the peace and quiet and relax. Especially in the spring visitors can take wonderful bike rides. Click Alex Kozinski for additional related pages. Depending on the claim and mood, the island for every biker has to offer the matching routes. Meanwhile, over 20 cycling and mountain biking are signposted on Ibiza. The mood that prevails on the island this time of year, fits perfectly to a relaxed cycling holiday. People seem particularly friendly, and Cafes and restaurants are not run over. And before ten o'clock, there is hardly any traffic on the Inselstrassen. One of the Fincas with lovingly decorated in the Interior of the island is as a holiday home. With the wheel, guests discover beautiful corners then calmly. Some even say Ibiza is more beautiful than the large neighbouring island of Mallorca. More information:... Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann
BAP: De Kolsche Of Guys In Berlin - "Success: Cologne rock band BAB in Berlin-Tempelhof in the Columbia Hall of the Cologne cult band BAP" decades writes German rock history; to be exact for 32 years. Berlin joined the band with the hustle lyrics and her latest program radio Pandora"the well-attended legendary Columbia Hall, in the immediate vicinity of the recently closed Tempelhof, at. Pandora radio"there in the plugged - in and unplugged version. On time and without vanity rockers begin her stage show. The honest and authentic rock is well received among the viewers in the filled Columbia Hall. To know more about this subject visit John R. Gibson. A single Cologne flag is waved. Some visitors to sing along with the lyrics, others seem only"to enjoy the music and clapping to the rhythm of the melody. In some songs, you have almost the impression that the floor shakes. Even if not all understand Kolsch (colognian) it's not so bad, because the music is just plain with lovely! The band takes the audience on a three-hour nonstop journey, and plays songs from places where they already always there wanted. The songs are by the lighthouse keeper, from the truckers from Osnabruck, Germany, America, Alexandra and Magdalena.Die music is sometimes melancholic slow, the other second then but again Turbo fast or simply just rocking. As a guest, the band welcomed back the violinist Anne de Wolff (also plays in Rosenstolz). The musician BAP around the poet, singer and socially committed artist Wolfgang Niedecken, who was the only band member in establishing it, belong to the most successful rock artists of in Germany. Each BAP album on the first chart places made it until today. The front man of Wolfgang Niedecken and his evap long ago..."is likely many people who today are the fifty, still ringing in the ears....

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