Then Abisai ' Then Abisai said, son of Zeruia, to the king: Why would curse this dog dead to the king mine Sir? It leaves to pass me, and I will take off it the head. It said, however, the king: However you leave to curse it; You leave it, that it curses; because Mr. it disse.' ' II Sam 16; 9 - the 11 sense of self-defense, as well as of our ideas, many times in them makes defenders of a ortaleza that nor God is if occupying. If we will not have the had discernment to establish what he is with priority, we will make forces, when we would have to consider. Davi was in absolute shortage, usurped for the proper son, fugitive, in the intention to preserve the life. The brave Simei, of the tribe of Benjamim, therefore, pro Saul, that is rejected when of the choice of Davi, found that it was a good one however to bradar its revolt against the fugitive son of Jess. Abisai, nephew of the king, decided to cut the head of the benjamita, but, Davi said: ' ' It leaves that amaldioe' '. It goes that God if moves to pity of my misery and dumb this in blessing, thought. Scholar decision, finished exactly happening this. We have been defied all day the useless debates, and act as the Abisai brave, made use to decapitate the heresy that in the threat. Pablo dissuaded these things, ' ' But you do not enter in questions insane people, genealogies and disputes, and in the debates concerning the law; because they are useless and vain things, to the heretical man, after one and another admonition, it prevents it, Tito 3; 9 and 10 ' ' rejects the questions insane people, and without instruction, knowing that...
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