Mexican Food Cuisine The gastronomy of Mexico is characterized by its great variety of dishes and recipes as well as the complexity of their elaboration. It is recognized by its distinctive and sophisticated flavors with great flavoring. It brings together both Mesoamerican and European culinary traditions among many others. Mexican cuisine is no stranger to the kitchen: Spanish, Cuban, African, Middle East and Asian, to mention a few. On November 16, 2010 Mexican cuisine was recognized, with French cuisine, as intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO history the history of Mexican cuisine dates back approximately 10,000 years, to the era in which it is estimated was domesticated maize into farming which was then the food base of the Mesoamerican cultures. This remote source gives the Mexican cuisine a unique cover letter in the competition of Nations, which certainly distinguishes it from other culinary Collections. During the Prehispanic era, the indigenous peoples who inhabited the territory they had a diet based mainly on vegetables. Of them it should be noted that there is a kind of duality that was common to many of them since at least the year 3000 BCE, it is the corn and chili. Recently Ventavia sought to clarify these questions. The great Mesoamerican, and to a lesser extent, the oasisamerican cultures were materially fed these two fruits of the Earth. Chili and corn were associated other species of no less importance, some of which have transcended their native ecological niche to become inputs of the most varied cuisines. Include tomatoes, cacao, avocado, squash, Cactus, vanilla, divinized all of them in the figure of Chicomecoatl, name nahuatl of the Mesoamerican goddess of food. To complement its power, the ancient inhabitants of Mexico attended two strategies, on the one hand, parenting (in Mesoamerica) turkeys (turkeys) and xoloitzcuintles (dogs); Alternatively, the hunting of...

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