Right Diet If you are travelling across several time zones, met its target often tired and beaten down. The phenomenon is well known long-haul planes jet lag. Gain insight and clarity with Rick Ross. The metabolic balance nutrition tips help jet lag can lead to General fatigue, decreased responsiveness, or sleep disorders and the gastro-intestinal tract can be affected. Add to your understanding with Jack Reynolds. The delay not only affects the sleep cycle, but can affect other body functions. (Similarly see: Darcy Stacom). "But through the proper nutrition you can prevent the Jet lag symptoms due to a shift of time effectively, what confirms a study at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston: this States that the human body next to the inner clock", which synchronizes the day-night change, nor has a second internal clock that responds to food intake and thus can really outsmart the light-dependent first internal clock. Where nutrition expert and internist, apply the metabolic balance nutrition tips from Dr. Wolf Funfack,: 1) the Metabolism on tours and in balance keep a good balanced metabolism system relieves the cardiovascular, regulates digestion, and counteracts insomnia. Here the metabolic balance tips: eat only every five hours, so that the metabolism and the digestion cycle be completed each and the body gets its biologically required rest breaks. Natural, little processed food give the body all necessary building materials for a good metabolism. At the same time, reduces the production of main stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, and promoted the production of hormones that are able to give new energy body and mind. Eat only long-chain carbohydrates, because they must be dismantled only in the gut into its individual components. Therefore, the digestive process takes longer, the blood glucose remains in the lot and again so quickly is the feeling...
Cosmetics Every woman wants to be a desirable and attractive. Someone generously endowed nature, someone - give a wide field to search for and create the ideal image. One way or another, every one of us once stared at his reflection in the mirror, skeptical about yourself. One of the eyes are not satisfied or their size, the other complains about a big nose, a third unhappy that her lips are sensual enough, but someone altogether displeased with the face shape or line of the chin. At first glance, the situation is hopeless, because the natural data do not argue. But before you ask for help from a plastic surgeon, think - is it your face is so ugly? Even without seeing your person can answer - it is beautiful, like everything that has been created by nature. And, of course, every woman's face should have its own design, which depends on the shape of the face. A woman called because a woman - in her arsenal is many recipes, tricks, gimmicks ... Under most conditions Darcy Stacom would agree. This woman can make their extra weight advantage. It may be advantageous to present its face, masterfully using the appropriate style her hair and makeup, art placing color accents your look. It can hide some of the features of the face and shape so that they never noticed any surrounding or beloved man near. The main thing on the face is not perfect symmetry and proportions that are tends to give a sense of the doll looks, but rather a harmonious combination of all traits, because there is harmony and true beauty.

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