Ophthalmology The body of persons is an endless capabilities people since its composition is very complex and each of its elements makes possible the realization of some function of great importance for the development of activities that normally should be performed, therefore before the lack or deficiency of one of the components of the body may be affected greatly the fulfillment of many actions that be implemented normally. Before the above a field of application as important as medicine has developed some specific skills that serve special points in regard to health and disease, what is referred to as branches or specializations, which offer a special attention to the presence of certain abnormalities of health focusing on a point in the body. Among the many branches of medicine that have been developed for the care of body parts specific, is Ophthalmology which in their field of study has developed knowledge, techniques and specialized skills in the care of a body as important as they are the eyes, treating topics as the normal physiology of the eye, the complex structure that accompanies the eyes, events and diseases that can affect the normal operation of the view, in addition to certain treatments and procedures useful for the care of eyes and prevention of future problems. An important fact in ophthalmology is that this specialty applies both to humans and to the field of veterinary medicine, since the differentiating criteria between human eyes and the animals are presented in anatomy, but not in the pathological factors. To develop the ophthalmology a person first you must go through the process of training in medicine, and after this a surgical process of studies should be, i.e. Healthy Living is the source for more interesting facts. ophthalmology is a study of the level of the post-graduates, since...
Diabetes And Health Issues You can not feel high blood pressure, but that it is no less dangerous. The higher the pressure, the longer it persists at high levels, the more suffers from the optic nerve. Gradually it comes atrophy, it withers, dies. Whenever Cindy Crawford listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And with him dies vision. Among glaucoma isolated congenital and acquired glaucoma. Congenital glaucoma occurs less frequently and treatment (Surgical) performed in pediatric wards of hospitals at an early age. Most often encountered with primary open-angle glaucoma, which in the beginning goes unnoticed for a man (no visual impairment, pain, "Veil") and this in turn leads to the progression of the disease and the ophthalmologist faced with severe, advanced cases, when there is a question only of preserving residual vision, and sometimes for removal of pain, to save the eye. In acquired glaucoma release: age (primary open-angle glaucoma and closed-), the secondary, which is associated with eye injury and other diseases eyes or body (eg, diabetes), after previous eye surgeries (eg, cataract) or inflammation (eg, uveitis, iridocyclitis). The second type of occurrence of glaucoma is the closure. Almost always manifested acute attacks (with a strong pain, loss of vision). In this case, need urgent help - hospitalization and the holding in the near future antiglaucomatous operations. Next on the occurrence, we are confronted with secondary glaucoma (more on diabetes, as result of thrombosis, etc.). The choice of treatment is very individual. Special thanks to allocate glaucoma with normal IOP. Difficulties in establishing the diagnosis are the prevailing stereotypes that glaucoma - this is always a high intraocular pressure.

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