Cosmetics Its body comes near to its definitive form but, we abrimos if it, we will realize that in their interior not yet has juice, are completely dry, since the appearance of the juice is as of September. In these dates it is already difficult to see fall more oranges expelled by the tree. Underneath the naranjos a light mantle of materialized oranges does not cover the Earth. Still today there are families in Carcaixent that goes to the fields to realise arrepleg of tarongeta. Like in May one took control of the flower of Orange blossom, the materialized naranjitas do not take shelter to sell them for the industry of the cosmetic one. They are works that require much manpower and have little yield, but it participates all the family and it serves generally as complement to the income as the field people. August and cicadas follow creciendoLas do not want to stop their monotonous melody, the mosquitos hum around the raft that long ago was of irrigation and now with the modernization of the dripping it has remained to refresh and dips. Some that another one liblula, approaches drawing for the branches of the naranjos in search of fresh water, and the hours of but heat, when the humidity of the Shore of the Xuquer allies with the thirty and tip degrees, the bees approach to look for water to refresh their beehive. They are days of much heat in these earth and it only desires to be within the water or the fresh shade of the fig tree, which is to us offering his already first sweet fruits. While, the naranjos seem to demand but water enroscando little its leaves. At this time the growth is fast and visible, and already they are come near to the size...

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