Diabetes And Health Issues You can not feel high blood pressure, but that it is no less dangerous. The higher the pressure, the longer it persists at high levels, the more suffers from the optic nerve. Gradually it comes atrophy, it withers, dies. Whenever Cindy Crawford listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And with him dies vision. Among glaucoma isolated congenital and acquired glaucoma. Congenital glaucoma occurs less frequently and treatment (Surgical) performed in pediatric wards of hospitals at an early age. Most often encountered with primary open-angle glaucoma, which in the beginning goes unnoticed for a man (no visual impairment, pain, "Veil") and this in turn leads to the progression of the disease and the ophthalmologist faced with severe, advanced cases, when there is a question only of preserving residual vision, and sometimes for removal of pain, to save the eye. In acquired glaucoma release: age (primary open-angle glaucoma and closed-), the secondary, which is associated with eye injury and other diseases eyes or body (eg, diabetes), after previous eye surgeries (eg, cataract) or inflammation (eg, uveitis, iridocyclitis). The second type of occurrence of glaucoma is the closure. Almost always manifested acute attacks (with a strong pain, loss of vision). In this case, need urgent help - hospitalization and the holding in the near future antiglaucomatous operations. Next on the occurrence, we are confronted with secondary glaucoma (more on diabetes, as result of thrombosis, etc.). The choice of treatment is very individual. Special thanks to allocate glaucoma with normal IOP. Difficulties in establishing the diagnosis are the prevailing stereotypes that glaucoma - this is always a high intraocular pressure.
Parents Cosmetics In Russia, according to existing regulatory instruments, such division is not provided, nor does it define what a baby shampoo, and at what age it is recommended. As a rule, manufacturers themselves point to the packaging, At what age can use a particular shampoo. If accurate information is not likely this tool is designed for children from 3 years. Shampoos for babies under one year check most carefully, and perhaps they are the safest cosmetics. In order to produce cosmetics for the smallest, the company should have a production certified by international standards. Washing- Baby's head should be as neutral and thus effective for a short time to use them could wash baby's hair. They have virtually no odor. ERjVDQjE2QzQ3RUU3Mjg='>Elio Moti Sonnenfeld by clicking through. Because these shampoos contain surfactants sparing (Surfactants), many manufacturers recommend using shampoo as a means of bathing or produce products, "2 in 1" to wash the body and head. As a rule, choose cosmetics for babies Parents who pay attention primarily on the composition and to a lesser extent, the appearance of the package. For the release of this product category are taken quite a few companies, mainly those who specialize in children's cosmetics (Bubchen, Sanosan, Our Mother"). Among the children's shampoo, on the Russian market, most products are for children aged 3-4 years. This is mainly products of small companies. Of the international giants in the market for children shampoos sufficiently active only Johnson & Johnson (Johnson Baby) and Schwarzkopf & Henkel (Schauma Kids). What are the age limits of children's shampoo? Anastasia Maltsev noted that older children can use the shampoo with 5 years, but it is better to postpone their use until about 14 years. It was at this age the skin and its appendages (hair, nails) will be fully formed and...

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