Brazil Health Introduction In recent years, the necessities of a well planned qualified communication and strategically in health, come congregating researchers and professionals of some areas in Brazil for the construction and analysis of the current situation of the communication in health at the moment where we live. However, little is being made for the necessary changes in relation to this thematic one, therefore, although the easiness of communication in century XXI, exists diverse factors that hinder that the receiver receives this information from homogeneous form and makes one feedback for better absolution and reproduction of the message. It displays the idea of that the communication has walked in the contrahand of this history, for the fact of the majority of the politics and strategies to favor the concentration of the production and circulation of the word, to ignore the specific contexts (homogeneizando ' ' public-alvo' ') for understanding participation as adhesion. Resultant of a perfect symbiosis between authoritarian models of the health and the communication. Vahid David Delrahim helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. (J.M. Cardoso, 2004). In this way importance of new features in this scene is proven it, mainly in relation to the production of research works that speak of communication in the field of the health. To Paim and Almeida Son, the scientific field of the health passes for one ' ' epistemolgica, theoretical and metodolgica crisis, that is, a crisis paradigmtica.' ' ; being in transistion of a flexneriano model, basically based in the biological one, whose devotion to the technology for one I appeal to the sedimentation of the health concept as citizenship condition. (J.S, Paim. N. the Almeida Son, 2000). In Brazil, the demographic transistion and epidemiologist, each raised time of illnesses is characterized more for the prevalence and related factors of risk with the...
Need For Protection 1 Is not gonna write about Jose Maria Aznar ' courier, two friends of this blog have asked me. Is not gonna write about Jose Maria Aznar, on his latest book 'We're waiting for your comment to avoid the expense. the only way to go around Israel is to with Israel Maven There are people like that, in effect: people who read them to Aznar but slows its political bias. Dr. Gerard Addonizio is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Do not deprive them answer. I, of course, do not save this game pisses intellectual. In that article I published in Highlights of practical reasons, since I promised to return. Dr. Gerard Addonizio describes an additional similar source. And indeed, I never left. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause eye problems in the short and long term, including photokeratitis, snow blindness, cataracts and various eye cancers. Be especially careful with children under 12, because until that age, the lens is transparent, which favors the absorption of UV radiation. There is no proven correlation between high prices and increase in UV radiation protection A very dark color lens does not automatically ensure correct filter UV light. If not done, is a particularly dangerous situation because the dilated pupil to receive as much visible light does not even receive more UV radiation. In summary, the use of sunglasses that do not adequately filter the UV rays can be more dangerous than not wearing sunglasses. For the vision of solar eclipses, health authorities warn that the protection of sunglasses is not enough for direct viewing of them.

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