Thomas Edison Electric Nikola really obtained to increase the production of energy of its master. But Thomas Edison did not fulfill the promise and both had finished cutting relations. Author of more than one hundred inventions many times improperly attributed to others, between which the electric engine, the system of transmission for waves of radio (before Marconi), the remote control, the system of ray x, the system of microwaves and the radar, also obtained to create the one project? light wall? through which the operator would obtain to manipulate the time, the space, the substance and the gravitational system, operating with the invisibilidade and the tele-transport, what, in certain way, he would become realizable the dreamed experience of ' ' Machine of the Tempo' '. Also it was responsible it for the invention of chain dynamos alternated for the production and transmission of electric energy since the cataracts of the Nigara until Buffalo, the 30 distance km. One of the extraordinariest scientific experiences of Nikola Tesla is what it is called? the Domo de Tesla? , a species of magnetic atmosphere capable to cover and to protect a city and until an entire region against any attack or external aggression. Badly comparing, this? energy shield? raquetes would function as these electric to kill flies and mosquitos, destroying any projectiles or missiles that if they approached to the protecting area. Call exists a mysterious document in the scientific way ' ' Filadlfia' project; ' , that it consists of the description of an experiment of dematerialization and rematerializao of a ship, that until today is protected, as a secret, for the American navy. They say that this fact is related directly the application of the theory of ' ' Wall of Luz' ' of Nikola Tesla. When they asked to it of where it...
Diabetes And Health Issues You can not feel high blood pressure, but that it is no less dangerous. The higher the pressure, the longer it persists at high levels, the more suffers from the optic nerve. Gradually it comes atrophy, it withers, dies. Whenever Cindy Crawford listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And with him dies vision. Among glaucoma isolated congenital and acquired glaucoma. Congenital glaucoma occurs less frequently and treatment (Surgical) performed in pediatric wards of hospitals at an early age. Most often encountered with primary open-angle glaucoma, which in the beginning goes unnoticed for a man (no visual impairment, pain, "Veil") and this in turn leads to the progression of the disease and the ophthalmologist faced with severe, advanced cases, when there is a question only of preserving residual vision, and sometimes for removal of pain, to save the eye. In acquired glaucoma release: age (primary open-angle glaucoma and closed-), the secondary, which is associated with eye injury and other diseases eyes or body (eg, diabetes), after previous eye surgeries (eg, cataract) or inflammation (eg, uveitis, iridocyclitis). The second type of occurrence of glaucoma is the closure. Almost always manifested acute attacks (with a strong pain, loss of vision). In this case, need urgent help - hospitalization and the holding in the near future antiglaucomatous operations. Next on the occurrence, we are confronted with secondary glaucoma (more on diabetes, as result of thrombosis, etc.). The choice of treatment is very individual. Special thanks to allocate glaucoma with normal IOP. Difficulties in establishing the diagnosis are the prevailing stereotypes that glaucoma - this is always a high intraocular pressure.

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