Amazonian Regional Departments The result of Amazonian regional departments (provinces) consultation of Beni and Pando, which together with Santa Cruz comprise the Bolivian East, they gave the reply announced in polls, exceeding the previously estimated percentage. For assistance, try visiting Herbalife. In Beni and Pando more than 80 percent of the population, voted for an end to dependence on the centralist, bureaucratic and frigid La Paz. The figures could not be more decisive. Healthy Living: the source for more info. No one can question or twisting, the course who want to take Eastern peoples, that differs completely from the planned by Evo Morales and his Bolivia indigenous and indigent. The three adjacent departments, bordering Peru, Brazil and Paraguay, cover an approximate area of 650 square kilometers, equivalent to the size of France. Expected at least a Department more, the adjacent Tarija, vote in favour of its administrative autonomy. But even if it did not, the aforementioned three already have sufficient strength to decide for their future and that of their progeny, without having to depend of the arbitrariness, inconsistencies and blunders that have characterized the collas and their Governments for nearly 200 years, in which remained forgotten eastern populations, until they saw they could get them their money without giving them anything in return. The autonomies, are a cry of release similar to that of the republics which achieved its independence from the colonial authorities. If Morales does not accept the new political conditions, the civil war will be inevitable. With the millions that Chavez has invested in bringing him to power, no doubt, that that will be the future medium-term in Bolivia. A military coup that bought $5 billion of dollars in weapons. Who controls five Nations: Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela. Having strong influence on Argentina. Holding to subversive groups...
Roberts Syndrome Roberts syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disorder. The clinic is characterized by utero growth retardation and postnatal, cleft or cleft lip (abnormal cleavage in the upper lip), cleft palate (incomplete closure of the vault of the mouth), short members, microcephaly (abnormally small head), mental retardation, hypertelorism (increase of the separation of the eyes), exophthalmos (abnormal protrusion of the eyeball), micrognathia (abnormally small jaw), low-set ears, hemangioma (benign tumor consisting of a mass of blood vessels) capillaries (vessels which connect arterioles and venules) facial, cataracts (opacity of the lens), corneal opacity contractures joints, deformities of the feet, cryptorchidism (one or both testicles may not descend into the scrotum), Ventricular septal defect (abnormal communication between the ventricles of the heart) and persistence of the ductus arteriosus (duct from pulmonary artery to aorta in fetal). To read more click here: Tai chi. You can accompany polydactyly (extra fingers), absence of ribs, convulsions, paralysis of cranial nerves, microphthalmia (abnormally small eyes), spina bifida (congenital fissure of the vertebral arches), polycystic kidneys (which presents many cysts, closed sacs that contain a liquid or semisolid contents), kidney in Horseshoe, ambiguous genitalia and hypospadias (urinary opening or meatus, which can be abnormally positioned in the underside of the penis), atrial septal defect (abnormal communication between the Atria of the heart) and melanomas (generic name of melanic tumors or pigmented). The range and severity of symptoms and physical signs may vary from one case to another..

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