Winterhoff Ecological Building 65 years and three generations: Wang Center for ecological building had this month every reason to celebrate. Interview with the Managing Director of the Winterhoff GmbH: Jochen Winterhoff answered questions to his company. Question: What has changed Center for green building lately at the Winterhoff? Jochen Winterhoff: After the great fire on our site we have built a new production hall. We could increase our production area of 1000 m, 1600 m. So we are less dependent on the weather during the production of our components. We also have a new modern Butterfly table for the production of our timber frame construction wall elements. With this production table, we can build more quickly and more effectively. Question: In what places build their homes? Jochen Winterhoff: We have above all the clientele in North Rhine-Westphalia in sight. Within a radius of 100 kilometres, it's ideal, ready to build a House for us. If then is missing a screw, you can give over quickly. Also We can transport our prefabricated components very well at this distance. Question: What about your clientele? Jochen Winterhoff: That is quite mixed. Elderly people who want to energetically to recapitalize their elderly homes or build a smaller House come to us. But many young families appeal to us who want to build a House that is modern and meets the latest ecological standards. We can meet them with our wood frame construction. Since the late of 1990s, we place emphasis on sustainability. That is good for all our customers. Health thinking has changed with all generations. Young and older owners want to build houses, where one conscience can feel comfortable. Question: How implement the ecological aspect in your homes? Jochen Winterhoff: Us everything from a single source is. We build not only houses from the bare walls...
Chinese Taoists This will already be felt trunk channels, which are described in the atlases of China - chiu therapy (acupuncture). Mark Fields wanted to know more. Through such channels have already significantly increased pulsating tails of subtle energy - prana (the term is from India) or chi (A term from China), and they are starkly revealed in human feelings. Then - after activating the main channels are beginning to denote the contours of a major power center of the whole psycho-energetics of any person. Chinese Taoists This body was called the "bottom pot", which means sea of energy or "chi hi." At first, it represents itself as a warm extension of a small unoccupied area in the lower torso, around the anterior abdominal wall. This is very similar into an elastic and a warm ball. Over time, as will actively go workout energy structures of human sensations of heat and movement in the channels and lower the boiler will start to appear more visible and deeper. If a man and a half to two years spends in active daily workouts, they become very large flows of hot plumes of power in the energy channels of the arms, legs and back, and in the zone of the lower pot roast bubbling emerges strongly warms the belly. (Illyustr.2 - Work energetic body in asana) Probably many of in the first part of effects and techniques do not have any special meaning and importance to most modern people - because it's something from the psychoenergetics or even ascetic spiritual asceticism, exercise every day, and other oddities .

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