Chinese Taoists This will already be felt trunk channels, which are described in the atlases of China - chiu therapy (acupuncture). Mark Fields wanted to know more. Through such channels have already significantly increased pulsating tails of subtle energy - prana (the term is from India) or chi (A term from China), and they are starkly revealed in human feelings. Then - after activating the main channels are beginning to denote the contours of a major power center of the whole psycho-energetics of any person. Chinese Taoists This body was called the "bottom pot", which means sea of energy or "chi hi." At first, it represents itself as a warm extension of a small unoccupied area in the lower torso, around the anterior abdominal wall. This is very similar into an elastic and a warm ball. Over time, as will actively go workout energy structures of human sensations of heat and movement in the channels and lower the boiler will start to appear more visible and deeper. If a man and a half to two years spends in active daily workouts, they become very large flows of hot plumes of power in the energy channels of the arms, legs and back, and in the zone of the lower pot roast bubbling emerges strongly warms the belly. (Illyustr.2 - Work energetic body in asana) Probably many of in the first part of effects and techniques do not have any special meaning and importance to most modern people - because it's something from the psychoenergetics or even ascetic spiritual asceticism, exercise every day, and other oddities .
Adolesence There are many changes that the girls will go to try during the years of puberty. Learn more about this with Celebrity trainer. Many changes occur in the body of the girl, changes these still more complex of what of the boy, because it needs to prepare itself for the complicated task of the maternity. The way as the body of the woman functions to produce the life human being is one of the devices most beautiful of all the universe. Let us observe this process for a moment. The life human being starts with a teeny cell, so small that you could not see it without a microscope. This first cell of the life is called zygote, that starts to divide itself and to grow in the uterus of the mother. The agency that we call uterus is a located special place in the inferior part of the abdomen. The uterus is one special that it serves as surrounding perfect for an embryo that is growing and if developing. (Embryo is the name given for a baby in its first periods of training of development). Many are necessities of the baby with respect to heating, oxygen and nutrition are constantly satisfied for the body of the mother during the nine months before its birth. Any problem appeared in these first days (in the three first months especially), and the child will die. The embryo is extremely delicate, and the body of the necessary mother to be in good physical conditions in order to satisfy the requirements of the child who is growing. So that the body of the girl can play these functions, the adolescent one passes for many changes during the puberty. One of these important developments is called menstruation, which you already heard certainly to speak. This...

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