The Benefits Of Chocolate For a long time is has believed that the chocolate was harmful because only that towards age bring plenty of calories to the body, in addition to fats and cholesterol. But nothing farthest from reality, because recent studies extolling the benefits of chocolate, which are the following: increases the libido (desire) in women. A recent study found that women who like chocolate and consume it have the libido more high. But it is only for women not men. Always been considered chocolate an aphrodisiac. The depression away. Chocolate helps us feel better, other studies have found that it is true us raises tempers especially in times of the pre-menstrual syndrome. Actually this is something that any friend of chocolate as we already knew, after a chocolate life changes. In this time of crisis we are experiencing is said that it has increased the sale of chocolate, it will be to carry better this time of crisis, with which confirmaria this theory that chocolate is antidepressant. It helps the heart. Chocolate you have compounds called flavonoids that help to avoid the congestion of arteries and thus help to prevent heart attacks and spills.Thus it also prevents hypertension, one of the factors that gives rise to heart attacks. They are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are very valuable vitamins for our health. The cocoa is the ingredient that has levels but high in magnesium. But we are always referring to the dark chocolate whose cocoa concentration is equal to or greater than 70%. For these and there are many reasons to eat chocolate, either as a supplement in tablet, or some sweets surely benefit us in some of the factors or benefits that I have listed.
Orange Blossoms The flowers are a wonderful world of beauty in color and aromas that immediately captivate anyone who is a lover of nature or beauty in any sense, since the great flood of feelings that can awaken a beautiful flower will make any person greatly enjoy one of these beautiful examples of beauty that nature has given to people, but the flowers are not just flavorings and colors that are also a great medium for health or welfare of any effect. According to the above one of those beautiful examples of natural beauty that is not only an adornment but also acts medicinally, orange blossom is the flower from eastern India, China and Burma, but the orange blossom has spread to a lot of places in the world and is cultivated in areas where it enjoys a tropical climate and warm. The orange blossom is also known as orange blossom, and the flower is part of the fruits produced by trees that produce orange called orange blossom comes from the Arabic language, sentence al-orange which means white flower. The way to get the orange blossom, is placing bags under the orange tree in the period in which desflorecer start with the idea of not misuse or the tree or the petals of the flowers, the tree also has certain elements that make it difficult to obtain orange flowers with your hands, it has thorns, so you have to wait until the petals of orange blossom fall on the bags then are dried in the shade, and with the flower orange blossom will be a tea or infusion, either by means of 12 orange blossom or 5 drops of essential oil obtained from orange blossom. According to Jim Hackett, who has experience with these questions. The idea of using the flower blossom...

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