IP Thermal Transfer Printers: Download, Click, Print - It Easier Not The label printers of the IP series regulate everything by margins of adjustment and calibration to the Ribbon compatibility and pressure heat at the new IP printing system involves using the RFID based smart the first thermal transfer printer for industrial use, cell "technology with the label materials, ribbons and labels software communicates. This means that the calibration and adjustment of labels and Ribbon completed the printer entirely alone. Due to the very simple handling for loading the label roll and Ribbon, the user can begin immediately after inserting the label roll and the ink Ribbon label printing. Eliminates the annoying set up and calibrate the printer. The IP printers are the first printer, where the pressure heat printing speed and material information automatically transferred to the label software (supplied), without which the user must set anything to the printer. The printer sets everything itself from margins to Adjustment to the Ribbon compatibility and pressure heat. Click, print, load - professional label printing has never been so easy. And so time-saving, because the time required for the printer setup is not necessary. No more experimenting! This is reflected above all by lower material costs and downtime lack of due to user error. Definitely, the use of the IP printer brings massive increase in efficiency in the daily work of the pressure. Reduced downtime when changing label are particularly noticeable. The labels the IP printer for single - or multiple-lane in different macro IDENT in various standard sizes from a label width of 4.50 mm, materials, such as E.g. paper, polyester, polyolefin, polyester, Tedlar, polypropylene, polyimide, vinyl, vinyl fabric, glass fabric, nylon and a mixture of Polyether and polyethylene for the diverse and also toughest industrial applications. The macro has also the matching ribbons IDENT for the IP printer. The available...

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