East Dry In dry climates the heat and wind are the main enemies of hair, hair is normally comprised of cuticles, which when exposed to the Sun are dehydrated and avoid moisture scroll throughout the hair, in addition the wind tangled hair and makes that they strike between them making the cuticles to break and the ends are opened. A how to care for your hair in dry climates is applying argan oil, this is an old remedy of the Berber women of Morocco who discovered it and have used it since hundreds of years from generation to generation. This oil has the property of regenerated hair to encourage the production of keratin that repairs and restores the damaged cuticles being a great advantage because it also moisturizes hair providing strength to the hair and avoiding dropping it. Berber women have applied argan hair oil to prevent the climate elements abused his hair, but also use it to protect your skin and the of their babies of arid climate but with cold currents coming from the Atlantic that even though they give you a more stable temperature to some regions of Morocco, also makes that you people living outdoors as the nomadic tribes of the Berbers, abuse them with ease the skin and hair. Swarmed by offers, celebrity trainer is currently assessing future choices. If this outside little us recreate dry and windy weather with the dryer doing is abuse too our hair making it fragile and brittle, can help to strengthen it if we apply argan oil either as hair treatment weekly or as a daily protector, can be used as disentangling, to avoid static and frizz and give you instant shine. You can take care of your hair easily with this ancient Berber remedy not only will help you in...

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