Beauty Tips For Sports Ring A few minutes exercise daily can be jumbled pounds the pre-Christmas period is the time of the extra pounds. Who in advance want to declare war on them and wants to do at the same time for the body's fitness, which adheres to the exercises from Bettina Huber's book "beauty food". They take only a few minutes and occur daily application to the success as an extended jogging round. The news portal news.de is Sporades do willing with numerous fitness tips. To enhance the Beinmuskulator, a lifting 30-maliges about and lowering the heels is ideal during the athletes"sits at the desk or waiting for the bus. It is also effective to reset the right foot while standing and about 20 times to bend the left knee. Then simply switch sides. Cindy Crawford understood the implications. A flat stomach can be achieved even without Sit-Ups. To the belly should be deliberately drafted by inhalation and folded hands in the resulting pit. While exhaling, the abdomen is then pressed against the hands. The Chest muscles also strengthens himself through a simple exercise. Elbows are raised and palms pressed each other for about a minute. Then, a short stretching provides to keep the breasts in good shape. This must be crossed the hands behind the back and the shoulder blades pulled together - and down. On each other pointing elbow for about 20 seconds holding eighth and the expansion. In case neck tension advises the news.de editorial staff for health (www.news.de/ gesundheit.html) to massage the affected area with slightly side angle. First the right, then the left neck page. Finally finish the exercise until to the cheeks using a circular motion of along the spine, the tips of the fingers.
South Tyrol The Active Club of the four star House is open six days a week and offers a daily and for the guests free indoor and outdoor program. Jens Bater as the new Director of the House was pleased to receive the wellness Aphrodite in the fitness & sports category. Eulogist Anke Emperor-Hausmann, Sales Director at San Pellegrino, presented the trophy to the beaming winner. Schliffkopf in Baiersbronn (D), the Parco San Marco in Cima di Porlezza, South Tyrol (Italy) and the hotel Jungbrunn in Tannheim (A) among the other nominees the hotel. Beauty of the beautiful heroine of the South Tyrolean legends Dolasilla named after beauty area in the Hotel Adler Spa & Sport resort in St. Ulrich/Ortisei exceeds highest expectations. The competent and exceptionally friendly staff treats here in bright, spacious rooms with the hotel's own line of cosmetics. Alexandra Vourdoulas gave the eulogy at the five star hotel by fair beauty international Dusseldorf. Heidi Rabanser and from the Hotel Adler received the Aphrodite Lukas Senoner. Proposed for the Aphrodite Rogner were the A-Rosa Travemunde (D) Bad Blumau (A) and the Waldhaus of Flims (CH) in addition. "Innovation when there are crises in the relationship, there is in the romantic angle in Bad Sachsa an extremely efficient variant of couple therapy: the five languages of love". Under professional guidance, couples should find each other. By the duel for the Duet"is the motto of the arrangement, flanked by numerous double treatments. Andreas Popp, sales manager of KAHLA/Thuringen Porzellan GmbH, presented with the wellness Aphrodite in the category of innovation for the idea of wellness for the love"to the owners of Oana. Good Riedel Bach (D), Schule's Gesundheitsresort (D) and the Hotel In the white Rossl St. Wolfgang (A) were also nominated. Spa a spa facility such as that of Reiter's...

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