Health Insurance DHL Express Peru has been hailed as a founding partner of Buenos Employers Association (EBA), an entity belonging to the American Chamber of Commerce AmCham Peru-Peru-, to meet best practices in human resources. This participatory process involved having to prove to ABE's commitment to DHL Express with their staff. : November 16, 2007 was developed, an audit by the SGS enterprise, which verified the information that was sent to Buenos Employers Association, the evaluation of the audit was successfully overcome by 100 percent. This result could confirm the application of best HR practices that DHL Express develops with its internal customers. Perhaps check out Senator From Kentucky for more information. In the audit we evaluated several performance indicators, such as form of payment, timely payment of salaries, benefits offered to their staff, paying private health insurance like Essalud. Why this company was as interested in part of that grouping? Employer branding: The brand as an employer Imagine a place where workers feel proud of belonging and candidates interested in joining. And that How come? Generating an attractive internal branding that is consistent internal branding must be built on three types of securities, generating first respect, then trust and, ultimately, admiration. You should assume a truly experienced by employees in the company are three types of brand values: functional values are reflected in the variable pay, compensation, flexibility and conciliation. Social values are associated with the reputation of its directors from the company, its values, ethics and corporate social responsibility. Emotional values relate to the identification and image, and the relationship and fit with the controls.
Jump Athletes It took about an hour. Wheeled aircraft. We made ready to jump, putting on nearly every twenty pounds overweight. I felt sluggish astronaut who landed somewhere on the lunar surface. The Commander announced that the first jump athletes, in order to verify the situation and show us how things should happen. Athletes landed, but we do not jump distance, as the wind increased and exceeded the permissible 5 m / sec. Stretched long minutes waiting. It was getting cold and uninteresting. We, in full uniform, lay on the 'canvas field' as the inverted sea turtles, beached merciless waves. It took another hour and a half, back ached from the weight. The instructor said that if a few minutes the wind blows over, the jump will suffer for another day. But apparently, the Lord took pity on us and the wind began to lightly abate. Hooray! Skydiving allowed! We quickly boarded the plane. 'For maize', outside which seemed to us quite a lot, inside was rather small. All of their seats and the plane began to slowly climb. I fixedly watched the rapidly changing across the landscape of the porthole. As if spellbound, I admired the pink-and-turquoise sky, generously strewn with intricately-cirrus clouds. This was truly a picture 'unearthly' beauty! But then he gave way to fascination anxiety: the aircraft to enter the 'battle' position is made a turn, and the horizon began to float away somewhere to the side. Brain instantly responded to such a precarious our position in space - there was a the very, faint, trembling adrenaline feeling.

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