Portfolio Management So, for these purposes, to define the meaning of the portflio subject and to tambmapresentar an analysis of the management of portflio directed toward the alinhamentodos projects to the business strategies of the organizations. Search to demonstrate through the portflio, tools paraa taken of decision for the priorizao of projects and otimizao of the recursoslimitados ones of the organizations. Words Key: Portflio, Management, PMBOK. Abstract This article aims you defines the meaning of the subjectportfolio and also provide an analysis of portfolio management, focused on thealignment of projects you the business strategies of organizations. Portfolio Search demonstrate throughthe, tools will be decision making will be the prioritization of projects andoptimizing the limited resources of organizations. Keywords: Portfolio, Management, PMBOK. Introduction Innumerable organizations that primam for excelnciae quality of its products or> ' ' management of projects and/or programs of form sistmica' ' (PMBOK, 2004). A portflio management is a current trend, has seen that osrecursos scarcer financiers are each time and the organizations nodisponibilizam of time nor money to waste. Therefore it is to importantesaber to choose the projects certain to be executed. This article has comoproposta, to transmit some knowledge resumidamente the respect> doportflio: what it is, which its purpose, where if applies and it applies who it. Disponibiliza one has also debated on plus this paraauxilio tool to the management of projects. Method This work consists of a bibliographical revision, based empesquisas in books, scientific articles and of revision in revistasespecializadas, websites, fruns, lists of quarrel and manuals that enclose otema portflio and its management. Concepts to facilitate the agreement portfliosobre is necessary to appraise the subject diverse optics, showing the vision of different authors and some dassuas definitions and characteristics. Portflio the portflio is a collection of projects that sodesenvolvidos under the administration of a great organizacional...
Without Unnecessary Emotions ! Without unnecessary emotions! Our face - a mirror which reflects the slightest movement of our soul. We then frowns, then raises his eyebrows in surprise, then rejoice, you are sad - this is an infinite change of feelings and sentiments of leaves on our face traces - wrinkles. Well, if all the limited light "spider" around the eyes or the faint wrinkles in the corners of his mouth, but often wrinkles are becoming an integral and, unfortunately, not the attractive part of our appearance - like some kind of severe deep wrinkles between the eyebrows. What to do? Not experience emotions? Unrealistic. But you can learn to control their facial expressions. True, to cope with this alone is difficult, and requires a lot of time. And here are a few injections of Botox, not only solve the problem of existing facial wrinkles, but also teach you continue to show emotions without unnecessary and too discernable impact on your face. Of course, any technique, even the tried and tested thousands of years - so, for example, as a facial massage - there are always hot and the fans, and no less hot opponents. What can we talk about Botox injections, because this method is adopted for cosmetologists just over ten years ago. Not surprisingly, the discussion about this drug and its use in cosmetics do not cease all this time, and attitude toward him ranged from admiration to total denial. But let's not argue, ignore the emotions (facial wrinkles will be less) and look at what exactly is Botox. .

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