Pregnancy Symptoms The pregnancy is the accomplishment and formation of one or more embryos or fetuses in the females of the mammals, including human beings, within its bodies. (Similarly see: Cindy Crawford). In a pregnancy it is possible to be found multiple pregnancy (for example, in the case of binoculars or trillizos). The human pregnancy is studied of all the pregnancies of mammals. The human pregnancy lasts approximately 9 months between the moment of the last menstruation and the childbirth (38 weeks from the fertilization). The medical term for an pregnant woman is pregnant, like the medical term for the potential baby embryo (first weeks) and soon the fetus (until the birth). A woman who is pregnant for the first time that knows like a primigesta or a woman embarazada1, a woman who never has been pregnant that is known like an pregnant woman 0; of similar way, the terms for 0, 1 and so on are used for the number of times that a woman has given light. In many societies in medical and legal definitions, the human pregnancy is something arbitrarily divided in three periods (quarterly), like means to simplify the reference to the different stages from the fetal development. The period during the first trimester entails the greater risk of involuntary abortion (natural death of the embryo or fetus). During the second trimester the development of the fetus can begin to be controlled and to be diagnosed. The third quarterly one marks the beginning of the viability, which means that the fetus could survive if a premature birth takes place. Before the beginning of the pregnancy, a feminine ovocito (ovum) must be united, by masculine spermatozoon in a process known in medicine like " fertilizacin" , or commonly (although perhaps erroneously) as " concepcin". In the majority of the...

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