The Acid Amongst all the phenolic composites, valley to detach isoflavona that this gift in the soy. In accordance with DUARTE (2006, P. 65) isoflavona is one ' ' substance wide used in the treatment of the daily pay symptoms and after-menopause. They are also indicated in the blockade of estradiol, preventing the cancer of breast, and the testosterone, inhibiting formation of cancer of prstata.' ' 2.3 ACID GREASY POLYUNSATURATEDS (3 Omega and Omega 6) Omega 3 is ' ' of the family of the lipdios, it is acid a greasy essential, that is, it cannot be synthecized by the organism and needs to be removed of alimentos.' ' (DUARTE, 2006, P. 68). Rodriguez, et al. (2003); Pimentel, et al. (2005) apud Colla and Moraes (2006, P. 118) affirms that ' ' acid greasy of long chain of the family Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) they are synthecized in the human beings from the acid linolnico. This acid greasy also primordial precursor of the prostaglandin, leucotrienos and tromboxanos with antiinflammatory, anticoagulating, vasodilatadora activity and antiagregante.' ' Duarte (2006, P. 68), detaches that Omega 3 ' ' he is beneficial for the sanguineous circulation, reducing the arterial pressure, beyond lowering the levels of the bad cholesterol (LDL) and of triglicrides. The foods richest in Omega 3 are: tuna, salmon, herring, sardine, cod and the oils of canola, oliva and in lesser amount also of soja' ' ' ' Beyond its nutricional paper in the diet, acid greasy Omega 3 can help to prevent or to deal with a variety illnesses, being included illnesses of the heart, cancer, artrite, depression and badly of Alzheimer among others. ' ' (COLLA; MORAES, 2006, P. 118). Omega 6 ' ' also it is acid a greasy essential, that is, it cannot be synthecized by the body humano.'...

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