Tibetan Herbal Massage Tibetan Herbal Massage. The basis of massage Tai Ji on the principle of acupressure, the only difference is that BAT affect your finger or a brush, and Tai Ji used specially reheating herbal balls, then there is a thermal effect on the massed band. Tai-ji - a herbal massage. He developed the technique of Shanghai schools and aims to harmonize the internal state of a person, stress and to achieve deep relaxation. It restores vitality, stimulates the body's defenses, improves the immune system, restores trophic processes in the skin and subcutaneous fat, improve metabolism, microcirculation, increases muscle tone and nourishes the body of macro-and micro-organisms. During the procedure, Tai Ji sluschivayuschegosya skin is freed from the epidermis, improves the function of sweat, sebaceous glands, enlarged blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, venous congestion is eliminated, the skin becomes supple and elastic. Cosmetologists believe that massage with herbal, men and women can replace dozens of cosmetics. Tai Ji Massage helps to improve the work of all organs and body systems. Because it combines not only physical but also aromatherapy effect. Tai-ji - a unique combination of phyto-and aromatherapy in conjunction with curative and relaxing massage techniques, massage, face, feet and hands, it helps to cope with stress, nervous and physical overload, decreased tone and performance, stress, problems with blood circulation, obesity, back pain, and even addiction to smoking. It affects the central nervous system, neuro-muscular system, blood circulation, skin and other organs. Sweating in During the procedure helps release the body of metabolic products, a delay which is extremely harmful. The procedure enhances the metabolism, reduce pain in rheumatic joint diseases, acute and chronic radiculitis, colds. Extreme changes in temperature at point touched the bag of body temperature regulation of trains, so when an outbreak of a flu epidemic risk for having...

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