Health Wellness Prosperity In the maelstrom of the present day we are often unable to keep good eating habits, exercise, or you have free time to spend with our families, hobbies or just to start something new. It is true that today's gyms and spas we have provided the physical fitness even though poor nutrition. It is one thing to be in weight and another to be organically clean (blood, intestines) and nurtured properly. With a scientifically balanced nutrition levels can reach very high disease prevention. CEO Ford Motor Co. is likely to increase your knowledge. On the other hand we have what we call "stress." With us since we get up in the morning until the end of the day. There are many causes of stress, which particularly concerns us is when we live in rented lifetime employment, to just cover our needs or tastes no time available to enjoy or share with others. Achieving this is a privilege. Live to work, unless we are a "genius" or special people that only are for that: their very high calling, well, in such cases implies the reward. But common to us, more or less love for the job, we want time to spend with our loved ones or our hobbies. Achieve the highest possible quality of life. Build an ideal model to live carries these ingrdientes: health, without it there is nothing, an economy sufficient to meet our needs and pleasures, and a daily state of happiness that we still scope to take dreams and build "castles." And yes, this is possible. . If you have read about supermodel already - you may have come to the same conclusion.
Physician To "bank Robber " On Saturday, February 7, this hot year, closed my office around 9 pm, I waited for my lovely daughter Karin to accompany a Galleries Seclen to buy and eat some ice creams out there, which I accepted and we gladly going in the car, parked in the Jr. Junin, against Galleries Seclen and Banco Santander, my daughter came running, as they already closed, I went down quickly with a soft cloth in hand and began to clean the car. V was a Saturday night, had a lot of people, vehicles and I was clean, clean! Suddenly! observed that a guard of that bank is not looking down upon me off (it will be his weakness, I thought) did not give him importance, that our eyes met at the same time I committed my first clumsy "I looked at the Time" and saw the watchman ran to the phone and called, at this point I stopped cleaning the car and I thought I was being mistaken for a burglar! (Joking-I found my size, my size athletic, my look, what not) in these circumstances, I make the second blunder began to whistle (a whistle known family for my daughter) and Parea honking to hurry and as I did ZAS! TICO see a red with the logo of a security company swiftly down two subjects each carrying two separate guns, one goes to the door of the bank without taking his eyes off him, his hands caressing the gun, through a talk to the guard grille, lights a red light at the door of the bank, directed toward me and starts talking insults (unprintable), while the other man was behind me walking back and forth with your fingers on the talking insults trigger. I was petrified he could attack me with his fists,...

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