Tasty Salad Recipes Delicious recipes Cooking is an ancient art, which is not easy to do without. Ability to prepare delicious dishes - it's dignity, which many are proud. To date, there are many recipes for all sorts of dishes: side dishes, salads, and borscht. The most popular South American recipes. Salads can be prepared at any time of year, it is the most popular dish, which, inter alia, contains a large amount of vitamins. Speed cooking is a feature of salads, so to prepare salad does not need much time. In any family with a tradition of their summer salad recipes, this classic recipes, such as Mimosa Salad, Greek salad, salad recipes or unique author. The most useful salads - those that are cooked at home, and immediately after cooking is served at the table, as most of the salads are not kept for long. Rand Paul often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In the world we know a great the number of prescriptions and almost any salad can be prepared in different ways. For example, the Caesar salad has a minimum of 18 variations, and crab salad - as many as 50, well, different salads, herbs or salad with chicken, have the greatest number of ways preparation. Used more and a little secret cooking of salads, such as salads of meat or seafood, for better flavor, add fresh sour apples. To everyone liked the salad, do not add them a lot of seasonings, it is better to apply a dressing. Different sauces to make juicier and tastier. Juicy lettuce is considered an advantage. Salads there long ago, in Rome about 2000 years ago. These were the dishes of raw vegetables, which smeared with salt, vinegar, honey and pepper. Then he began to combine the salad with eggs, fish, meat and...

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