Medicine Well caicoenses, this week I will be writing on a fact that happened with my family and that it can happen with its. Everything started monday day 21 of February of 2011 when my father was found fallen in front of its workstation. ' ' Its chico or chico of Arlete' ' as he was known, was acometido by a AVC. There the race in search of the survival was initiated! True octgono without any possibilities for my father. Name of octgono: ' ' UTI of the Regional' Hospital; '. Fighters: Papa X Indifference of the Health in Caic. Of the improved stream bed that receives the merit from UTI, my father passed its last days of life. INJECTABLE NOOTROPIL, this age one of the medicines that was lacking for the atendimentos of emergency of the improved stream bed. COST OF THIS MEDICINE? I bought 6 blisters for little less than R$ 11,00. The state secretary of the public health of the government of the state of the Rio Grande of the North says that it is its mission: To promote the decentralization for the cities of the services and the actions of health, as well as, to follow, to control to evaluate these actions, providing support technician and financier, co-ordinating the process health-illness, in the perspective of the protection and recovery of the individual and collective health. () Some say that is transistion thing. They had asked to me: Cad the ROSE? Only vi of the wreath! Yes! The blisters that I bought did not give to time my father to use, it came the death. I donated them the hospital to it. I finish standing out: ' ' The population of Caic next to the press must charge of the responsible authorities urgent improvements for the health of...

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