Exposure Chamber When you first decided to do the business of providing services for the production of stamps and seals in front of you had many questions, one of which is 'How to choose the exposure chamber?'. By the way, I'm such a question is not suffered, because I was handed a black plastic box with a wire sticking out of it with a socket connector on the end. Inside the box were two glass tubes, which were ultra-violet lamps. Appearance this so-called machine for the manufacture of seals does not embarrass me, in my seething desire and willingness to quickly make a print and I'm screaming 'Banzai' to work. At this point, having experienced a period of three years from ekspokamer different models, I allow myself to speculate on the choice of ekspokamery. So, you first need to determine the criteria for selecting equipment from a variety of models on the market. Criteria, ie rules of choice have traditionally been considered: price and kachestvo.Tsena is the amount of money that you pay for your desired produkt.Kachestvo - is a generalized concept, which includes: reliability, ease of work, productivity, etc. We have obtained multi-criteria selection. Scientific evidence that it is impossible to make a choice so that both criteria consistent with the optimal value for us. In any case, an attempt to reduce or increase the value of one criterion will lead to a change in the value of another. Simply put, trying to reduce the price we are willing to pay, and we are reducing the quality of the goods. .
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