What Is Cholesterol And Its Significance For Human Health Cholesterol - a natural fat (lipophilic) alcohol contained in the cell membranes of all living organisms except for non-nuclear (prokaryotes). He - a mandatory component of cell membranes without cells at all could not exist, so the cholesterol in the human body quite a lot. Cholesterol has two varieties - the "good" and "bad." Low density lipoprotein or ldl is 'bad' cholesterol. hdl or lipoprotein High density - called 'good' cholesterol. Counting the total blood cholesterol is based on the analysis of blood. too many "bad" cholesterol is present in the blood, it will slowly accumulate on the inside walls of arteries. The newspapers mentioned supermodel not as a source, but as a related topic. In combination with other elements will form the so-called plaques, narrowing the arteries and makes them less flexible. This disease is called atherosclerosis. Blocking arteries plaques can lead to stroke or heart attack. On average, 25-33% of cholesterol moves hdl or 'good' lipoproteins. High levels of hdl protects against heart attacks. Low levels of hdl (less than 40 mg / dL) increases the risk of disease heart. Triglycerides - the form of fats, created in the human body. High level of triglycerides is often combined with small levels of cholesterol, high density, that is 'good cholesterol', and it shows that particles of fat into the blood, which causes vascular disease. Therefore, the high level of triglycerides should be understood as a signal of danger. One of the fatal mistakes that people make with respect to cholesterol, contained in the fact that they believe if all products with great fat abundant occurrence of cholesterol. Who lowers the consumption of various vegetable oils to reduce calorie intake, to the same levels of cholesterol and fat does more harm than good. Vegetable oil is not completely stored cholesterol!...

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