Otocalma Health In this context, the noise of generators in habitations can have negative impacts in the hearing of the reached ones, in a logic next to the verified one in the workstations, with the aggravating one to subject aged children and intense the continuous noises. On the other hand, constipations and grippes badly cured can hinder the internal airing heard, causing it common illnesses very as the average otitis or the secretora otitis, however, the deafness is a problem of multifactorial health. But two of the inquired ones relate to make treatment for pains of ears, with Otocalma (isotnica solution for auricular laudering). Statistical differences (test t of student for comparison of averages with equal variance reliable 95%) between the inquired ones exist significant that they relatively have generator in its habitations and the ones that do not have, to the health problems that say to have and that they had not been related previously. 35.9% of the inquired ones with generator say to have others health problems stop beyond previously mentioned, whereas only 13,05 of the inquired ones without generator relate to have other problems of health. Of the pointed problems, the hipertenso is the illness that in such a way harvests the biggest percentage in one as in another situation: 8.7% of the inquired ones without generators in the habitations against 19,2% in the inquired ones with generators in house. Although this percentile difference between one and another category, do not exist statistical evidences, reliable 95%, that they allow in them to affirm that the samples are distinct. Cury-Jnior, et al. (2007), they affirm that correlation exists enters the atmospheric levels of nitrogen dioxide (N02), carbon monoxide (CO) and sulphur dioxide (S02) atmospheric and the number of atendimentos of patients with arterial hipertenso, in the Brazilian hospital units. In...

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