Greek Tragedy Greek tragedy, but also Spanish, Portuguese and European crisis in the economies of the eurozone, far from decreasing, has deteriorated dangerously to the point that the possibility to playing some analysts, the end of the story for the euro, is an increasingly concrete way. A possible fall of the euro that will bring to light is an undeniable truth: the euro zone has never managed to be a homogeneous and can hardly be in the future. Greece and Spain, bathed in red slates in the European markets on Wednesday. The decision on Wednesday by the risk rating that S & P downgraded by one notch the long-term credit rating from AA + to AA, the Spanish public debt did nothing but aggravate the problems for the euro. Why do you always rating agencies have to wait for the ordinary citizen to realize that the ratings of companies, assets and / or countries are too lenient to begin to correct them? What is a risk rating can not anticipate vulnerabilities until they are clear? Fortunately for Europe, the Fed brought calm to the markets by deciding to keep the benchmark interest rate at historic lows and impart a statement describing a more encouraging picture for the health of the U.S. economy. Yesterday, the markets rebounded, but on Wednesday witnessed a hectic end, when from the stock market in Spain was learned the bad news of the rating cut, as the IBEX fell in just five minutes and finished with a red 2.99% promising to continue the downward trend to the next day.
The Situation In Our House Harmony, comfort, beauty and aesthetics - it is what we aspire to making repairs to his house. In the creation of comfort requires not only quality building materials, and beautiful furniture, and interior design as a whole. After all, comfortable in whole situation helps you to relax after a long day. However, not everyone knows what really they want. Therefore, often can not do without the assistance of qualified experts in this field, as embodied in life is all daring and original solutions, following the inner world and the wishes of the customer. Sophisticated finishes and decorations to make each apartment unique. Choosing the right furniture will complement decorating the home. It is an integral part of every home. Even impossible to imagine their surroundings without a favorite sofa, bed or cupboard, where there are things dear to our hearts. Individual attention should be given to children's furniture. It should be not only an excellent texture, but also to approach their young masters in performance and functionality. Safety of this should come first place. No sharp angles, iron protrusions doubtful steps and rungs (on bunk beds), all parts must be securely fastened and made of quality wood. Besides these items room environment should be strengthened and well-being kids. To date, there are a large variety of walls and Swedish sport compact parts, where kids can play and spend their free time with for the benefit of his health. In addition, all surrounding objects should encourage the disclosure of children's talents. In the nursery to put all that will favorably affect the spiritual and creative development of our fidgets. Colours should not irritate the child's mind, but rather to soothe him. One of the most important points in the interior of a child's room is light. It must be much, but...

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