Nmp 22 - A New Marker Of Malignant Tumors For Cancer Diagnosis NMP 22 - a new marker for the diagnosis of malignant tumors of bladder cancer. Bladder cancer - is the "silent cancer, which can be from 10 to 20 years without symptoms and complaints in the human body, and suddenly, for unknown medical science reasons to begin to develop. Therefore, special types of early diagnosis is crucial for early treatment and preservation of life. The presence of blood (hematuria) in the urine is the most common syndrome of primary bladder tumors. Painless hematuria than occurs - blood in urine, even if it takes place only once, the more likely is the presence of cancer. The most common bladder cancer occurs in smokers, those who have long been at the wheel, of Light and chemical industries, people are in constant contact with paints and chemicals, as well as in patients who take a long time painkillers. Cancer-causing substances can be absorbed through the skin or the air that people breathe, and excreted in the urine. Chronic inflammation of the bladder and urinary disturbance and contribute to the development of bladder cancer. For timely diagnosis of bladder cancer now using a new recently developed a urine test - NMP22. Nuclear Matrix Protein 22 - nuclear protein, which themselves generate the cancer cells. Diagnosis of NMP 22 can detect bladder cancer at an early stage. Russian Institute for International Patients Health Munich (www.meditravel-plus.com) to appreciate the latest treatments for urinary incontinence in men and women who are satisfied with the treatment and its results. Diagnosis of bladder cancer NMP22 allowed in a number of clinical able to detect cases of cancer and the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. Dr. Victor Kramer, chief medical adviser of the International Institute of Health in Munich, Germany
Greek Tragedy Greek tragedy, but also Spanish, Portuguese and European crisis in the economies of the eurozone, far from decreasing, has deteriorated dangerously to the point that the possibility to playing some analysts, the end of the story for the euro, is an increasingly concrete way. A possible fall of the euro that will bring to light is an undeniable truth: the euro zone has never managed to be a homogeneous and can hardly be in the future. Greece and Spain, bathed in red slates in the European markets on Wednesday. The decision on Wednesday by the risk rating that S & P downgraded by one notch the long-term credit rating from AA + to AA, the Spanish public debt did nothing but aggravate the problems for the euro. Why do you always rating agencies have to wait for the ordinary citizen to realize that the ratings of companies, assets and / or countries are too lenient to begin to correct them? What is a risk rating can not anticipate vulnerabilities until they are clear? Fortunately for Europe, the Fed brought calm to the markets by deciding to keep the benchmark interest rate at historic lows and impart a statement describing a more encouraging picture for the health of the U.S. economy. Yesterday, the markets rebounded, but on Wednesday witnessed a hectic end, when from the stock market in Spain was learned the bad news of the rating cut, as the IBEX fell in just five minutes and finished with a red 2.99% promising to continue the downward trend to the next day.

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