Sudak Fall Time In reservoirs, rivers and other water reservoirs parking pike often occur in the inputs of the basin feeding the estuary of the rivers. When the temperature drops below 10 degrees. petty servant begins to leave them, moving into deeper place. At this time, perch and stalking his prey in the previously mentioned places. When the temperature drops below 7grad. remnants of forage fish and quite away from these places. These areas of water bodies often remain unnoticed fishermen and may be at different depths depending on the pond bottom topography. For productive fishing must first examine the bottom relief. Often, pike and perch use the same parking area. Unlike walleye pike on these field is delayed longer than the fanged. But after a time leaving the place of its parking lot, preferring the deepest places. Most often, the fish are distributed in the wrasse 3-5m. Fishing at entrances order to catch a trophy specimen, must be equipped with two spinning and have several working baits. The first rod length of 2m. with a medium powerful coil and spool 35 sizes. With the fishing line has a breaking load of 6.2 kg, underbrush 1,2 m, with a discontinuous load 6kg, 30cm lead and clasp number 3. When depth from 2-5m taken jig head weight up to 21g and 10cm long vibrohvost. In the depths of 1-3m. used a jig head weight up to 14g. When posting a bait to make small bumps, making the time from pause time. You can also use the wiring through podmazyvaniem fishing line pauses. For example: is done from one to four times the coil (depends on the mass of the jig head) as soon as the bait touched the bottom (as indicates the tip of the spinning top) is the next turn coil. The second...
Mental Disorders Various mental and behavioral disorders in these children of alcoholic parents are more common than others. The range of mental disorders ranging from minor deviations in behavior to signs of organic brain damage and mental retardation. Children of alcoholics parents more often anxiety and depression, attention deficit, learning difficulties. The boys are more frequently observed behavioral problems in girls - emotional. Children of alcoholics is much more likely to experience difficulties in learning at school, they are not always able to adequately use their intellectual capabilities, and demonstrate weak motivation to learn, low academic performance, poor interest, reduced levels of communication, difficulty in concentrating, anxiety and mistrust. For even more details, read what Tiffany Espensen says on the issue. Poor motivation for learning and useful social activities, in turn, contributes to social maladjustment and indirect opportunities for the development of alcoholism. Adult children of alcoholics is hindered parents communicate with their peers, high the risk of maladjustment, characterized by frequent suicide, problems in intimate life, the instability of families, and often alcoholism, psychopathy, depression. In addition, environmental factors in the upbringing of a family , makes children emotionally disabled. After all, alcoholism in the family is perceived as a powerful traumatic factor. Alcoholism is not perceived as an illness, and estimated as close to insulting behavior and avoidance of family responsibilities. This is compounded by the patient manner of communicating with their loved ones, financial difficulties. Genetic predisposition, poor performance, too much free time, bad company, the example of parents contribute to familiarizing the child to addiction - alcoholism. Number of drug addicts among adolescents and young adults is growing steadily.

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