Mental Cosmetics The brain on high-flying cosmetics for the memory (PA) Berlin, 29.10.2010 - easily learn, remember everything, is more focus - a new generation of high-tech food supplement products promises mental support for everyone. The possibility of IQ doping is controversial, but hundreds of thousands attempting secretly to improve brain performance. It is a dream to invent a technique with which man can perfect himself. Meditation, an anti-aging or brain capsules, everything is right. Pills without side effects can speed up the mental processes and performance promise them a better brain, get there just in time. Now every fifth student in the United States and increasingly in Europe, means to interject itself, which promise an increased ability to concentrate. Under the Wort brain enhancement has become a trend this kind of performance. We will make today the high-tech food supplement product FastBRAIN under the magnifying glass. The dietary supplement FastBRAIN is used by the company DNA's CellTechnology LABS produces and is a registered Community trade mark. Contains a balanced combination of high-quality natural stimulants, enabling a secure brain performance. Vital nutrients contained in FastBRAIN promote concentration, memory and learning ability. These psychoactive plants, so-called because the brain functions can strengthen, ancient traditions, and are closely linked to culture, religion and spiritualism. The growths are elaborately prepared to support the performance of the brain. Who regularly takes a FastBRAIN, supplies the brain, and that helps memory, improve concentration and learning ability. FastBRAIN is not a drug, but a dietary supplement with plant materials, plant extracts and vitamins. Several investigations were able to confirm that promote brain function in included FastBRAIN nutrients, and counteract against a decrease in cognitive function in a natural and gentle way can. The product has been tested extensively and received the award in July 2010 by the health...

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