Visually Impaired Women The Green Book of beauty 2011 by Yves Rocher in Braille the distinctiveness of the trade mark Yves Rocher strong ethical values excels: through exceptional commitment in environmental and nature protection as well as in the social and humanitarian fields. "As Yves Rocher is aimed with his Green Book of beauty 2011 in Braille" especially for blind and visually impaired women: the Green Book of beauty 2011 from Yves Rocher in Braille Yves Rocher is also in this year his Green Book of beauty 2011 in Braille "out. The beauty Advisor in Braille by Yves Rocher blind women makes it possible to inform themselves unaided on beauty trends and innovative beauty products to buy. Even if these women can not see, Yves Rocher is convinced that they have a strong need for beauty and care. What are blank pages of white paper-looking women, is for the blind who brings access Yves Rocher beauty care since 2004 in Germany per year "new a Braille Edition of the Green Book of beauty" in Braille out. Yves Rocher presents his world of plants cosmetics so blind and visually impaired. The Edition in Braille of the Green Book of beauty 2011 "appears in cooperation with the Federation of the blind and vision for the disabled Lower Saxony Association Braille standard large format in a limited edition of 1,500. The current beauty Advisor leads herbal care innovations in the face, body and hair care in four chapters with the latest beauty trends, and describes updates around the brand. With around 650 products, the Green Book of beauty holds 2011 in Braille"ready for every cosmetic need and each age of the optimal care. Makeup instructions for blind Yves Rocher has for the blind a make-up tutorial developed, which enables women to himself without having to see...

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