Pollinosis Skin He participates in the synthesis of collagen, promotes skin elasticity, and besides, it normalizes capillary permeability and regulates blood clotting. Vitamin C known for its anti-allergic effect, which is especially important in summer, during the pollinosis (allergic to pollen), rash and other unpleasant 'chesatelno-ptarmic' reactions. Vitamin C helps to cope with excessive physical and emotional stress. Lack of vitamin C is fraught with lethargy, irritability, dry skin, weakening of the immune system, ease of bruising and slow healing of wounds. Beta-carotene, carotenoids beta-carotene - a precursor of vitamin A. The vitamin known 'real' vitamin he becomes as a result of oxidative cleavage in the liver. You can get vitamin A from a number of readily available products - its sources are liver, milk, butter, egg yolks and fish oils. But recent research has shown - to make up deficiency of this vitamin is just 'out of food' is almost impossible, the body requires additional fortification. Vitamin A, like beta-carotene, protects the membranes of brain cells from free radicals, and beta-carotene 'destroy' the most dangerous of them - the radicals of polyunsaturated acids and oxygen radicals. In addition, beta-carotene can help prevent heart disease and arteries and raises blood levels of 'beneficial' cholesterol. Beta-carotene has beneficial effects on vision, which is important during your stay in the sun (Even if you have a properly fitted sunglasses). Lack of beta-carotene can cause blurred vision, weakened immunity, frequent respiratory infections. Deficiency of this provitamin a negative impact on skin condition: dry, early wrinkles, dandruff, acne and dermatitis - satellites hypovitaminosis of vitamin A.
Fashionable Elegant First and foremost, I would like to reflect on the need for jewelry in a general sense. Many people think it inappropriate to wear jewelry that does not pose any jewelry of value. However, is this true? Let us think. Undoubtedly, the jewelry - it is fashionable. These are not empty words. After all, the tone mode define not expensive jewelry, they only follow the trends that predate them, thanks jewelery jewelry. All it's probably because you can experiment with jewelry, and very quickly and it is not so costly, both in jewelry. You can buy new products, change clothes, to supplement their collections with new decorations, pick up all the possible combinations of their collections. All this can be done for short periods of time. Fashion likes to change, and a very sudden and unexpected. These changes will ensure success, the general recognition and respect. All this you can achieve with the help of costume jewelry. You do not limit, only your imagination, create and improve in a hurry. A fashion trend that is evident in the jewelery jewelry, just to help you and will have an irreplaceable service. Jewellery - is elegant and refined. There are lots of recipes and advice about the choice and selection of jewelry in a certain way. Some designers recommend wearing classic kits, and other lavish sprinkle with an unpredictable mix of gems. Whether to follow those recommendations or not to judge you, but I do not think it would be superfluous to write.

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