Skin Type Beauty Normal Skin Type Normal skin is soft, fine textured, soft and flexible. If you are lucky enough to possess this skin type, the treasure is by using light and mild cleansing lotions and tonics and refreshing. Dry skin types Dry skin is usually thin and delicate and often flaky and prone to fine lines. Sometimes it feels tighter than it should. Extremely rich cream and fat are not good for him, to strangle the pores, often extending them and create an additional problem. Use light oils and lotions for moisturizing and choose herbal toners, which are mild and not too astringent. Try to restore the pH or acid-alkaline balance of the application of such things as cucumber juice or diluted vinegar so that the sebaceous glands are encouraged to function. In general, emollient and hydrating herbs (chamomile, comfrey, cowslip, elder flower, fennel, marshmallow, orange blossom, rose, violet) are best to use creams and toners for dry skin. But there is no fixed rule. Astringent herbs can be good for dry skin, for example, if blended with emollient herbs or oils and gels, and many herbs are suitable for all skin types. If the skin is sensitive and dry, see the notes on the sensitive skin below. Oily Skin Type Oily skin is shiny and thick in texture, often with large pores. That is prone to blackheads and blemishes. Do not use alcohol to reduce skin oil as it will only worsen the problem. Many herbal toners are used to reduce fat and tighten the pores (see list of suitable herbs below).
Revision Rhinoplasty Revision rhinoplasty occurs when any further surgery is necessary in the nose to either repair surgery performed to correct some irregularity from a previous surgery or to hide scars or other signs of previous rhinoplasty surgery. The important factors guiding revision rhinoplasty are: 1. How do you see now the nose 2. What is the problem or irregularity that must be addresses / repaired in March. How much scarring is present from previous surgeries 4. The mental state of the patient requesting the review, ie, he / she an insatiable perfectionist, addicted to surgery, or psychological disturbed in any way that is causing an unwarranted surgical application in May. Is the problem fixable If all these factors are in order, after a patient who is not satisfied with your rhinoplasty rhinoplasty now seeks second, whether the same surgeon who performed the primary rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty surgeon review. A surgeon revision rhinoplasty is specially trained in the field and is important to ask questions relevant to any surgeon who offers to do this job for you. While it is rare that a nose is completely out of the repair, it is important to analyze the patient's motivation after asking several surgeries. According to statistical analysis, revision rhinoplasty procedures should be performed in 17% of the total number of primary rhinoplasty surgery in the United States. However, it is important to note that a large percentage of cases, a very small irregularities, or a blow is the specific cause of the revision rhinoplasty and for the most part, these are predominantly office procedures performed on an outpatient basis and a very small fee. It is the rare case that requires extensive revision work, rhinoplasty unless something, for some reason, it has gone wrong. In addition, most of the remaining "clean" cases are...

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