Beauty Tips If you have not implemented much mascara, you could remove the product with a cotton swab containing ear cleanser and carefully moves the tabs in motion outward from the source of the tab. c. If, however, has enough mascara or you applied is waterproof, you can remove it as follows: Open the eye and place a disposable facial tissue under the lid, then soak the cotton pad with makeup remover (or product specialist in removing waterproof mascara) and top-down pass on the tabs. Starting from the outside inward. When it no longer remove the paper mask. Moisten another cotton pad with makeup remover and wipe the lid in a circular motion around the eye. Skin: To remove the base, blush and others can apply cleansing cream or lotion on disc / square of cotton or disposable facial tissue and stir in a circular motion. Another option is to use wipes are available for this purpose. After removing makeup, apply cleanser on your skin complexion (not the same as the cleanser, its texture may be lighter or foamy) and removed with water while you shower. Do not deprive the skin of a refreshing cocktail and toast as a final step includes wet cotton with a little water and then with the tonic and you take it to the skin with small taps to the area from the neck to the forehead. Then apply moisturizer to hydrate and renew your skin! (Remember that the motions should be made from the bottom up.) Do not do anything before you go to sleep at night without removing makeup or cleaning the face.
Medical System With HELP LIFE you will be able: To annex results of examinations, to register in cadastre medical receiturio, information on consultations and treatments of long duration; To create its medical agenda, for consultations, examinations and surgeries, being able to receive acknowledgments for email; To keep its wallet of vaccination and its familiar ones in day; To follow its levels of glicemia, arterial pressure, weight and height; To follow its gestation and the development of its baby. Beyond storing with security all its consultations, examinations and treatments, the tools of control of arterial and glicemia pressure of the HELPLIFE in accordance with allow to the generation of graphs with the description of measurements the period chosen for the user, what it facilitates the visualization of the results. In case that it wants to take its description for the evaluation of its doctor, the site also makes possible the impression. The HELPLIFE disponibiliza also new ways to monitor the health, to follow the growth and the development of the baby since its conception, to store lapsing, reactions the medicines, allergies, vaccines. With the HELPLIFE, the users they will be able to also make a more effective accompaniment of its health and of its familiar ones. Everything this of safe form, where only you and the people who you to authorize will have access to its data more and, the HELPLIFE offer, daily, notice, articles and tips on quality of life. He is enough I register in cadastre to fill it gratuitous and you he will have access to all these easinesses. HELPLIFE, following its health! ON the COMPANY was born in July of 2011 with the objective to develop a gratuitous tool, providing to the o storage and organization of the description of health of the way user to take care of...

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