Freedom, A Mental State Somebody obtains, or knows somebody that obtains to recognize the freedom? You already if asked if he is free or what she comes to be Freedom? Certain time when I age child, somebody asked to me: What you want to be when to grow? I readily said: Sailor! Perhaps all good, healthful child, a little sonhadora excessively, since deferred payment in a region one in such a way how much far from the sea, and that until that moment nor itself knew it wants it, sonhadora also therefore always is of poor family, clearly that dreams if carry through, but is not of whom comes to speak. It will be that my reply it was picture of somebody exempts? Therefore of where I took off such idea? What I intend with this example is to show that since more tenra age we are created (or for little they try), to the image of other people's dreams, the times of the dreams of our parents, is created to the image of our way, always looking for in ' ' encaixar' ' , to equal, to the image of our friends, our beautiful ideals, so fragile how much the dreams that we do not carry through. Ours so desvirtuada society it always impels in them more, to look ' ' liberdade' ' , and more bizarro and contradictory are when see propagandas diverse, as of cigarettes, drinks and cars in saying that we will be free and authentic when to get and to use its products, will be that the world is so docile and bovine to the point to tolerate this for much more time? How it is that we will be free people, when nor if it wants we understand what it comes to be freedom? We believe, as country,...

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