The Human as be not divided. Otherwise, my own disintegrator traumas, as My preconceptions, preferences, beliefs, attitudes to life, aversions, training reductionist, etc. me confined to a greater or lesser degree to see and understand my students as they really are and help them to think so know themselves. Listen without rejecting and dialogue to discern, have been two key, key learnings in dialogue holistic, I know I have not acquired yet with depth would like, but try to take the awareness and apply, whenever the opportunity presents itself. I have come to understand its enormous importance for the development of mindfulness and full presence of the educator holistic. Before the masters, it was agree that sustainable development is, as global organizations, defined by the satisfaction of the needs of present generations, without compromising the satisfaction of the needs of future generations, which seems logical, based on premises reductionist and simplistic logic. Now I understand that real sustainable development, depends of the sustainability and sustainability on the inside of each individual, which is manifested in its integrity and its integration with everything, i.e., in their sense of unity with the universe, which is one of the highest spiritual values, since this feeling makes it aware of the interdependence of everything with everything, from the smallest particle conceived by the human mind, up to the most complex organism, knowing us part of the same essence. Society is causing destruction and annihilation, because the people that comprise it, feel separate and above nature and intended to Similarly, placed on top, having power over other creatures of the same species and other species, instead of knowing is complementary. The traditional paradigms, not allow us to understand the value of diversity in the weft of life and of evolution, and what you don't understand by way...

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