Partitions 2 We will begin by the neck area making very thin partitions. We are fortunate that these plates allow us to iron from root, us lets bring the iron to the scalp, always carefully not exceeded. 3 We must comb hair before to not encountering obstacles and then be able to help us well with the comb. 4 Must be added the guard as you're ironing. 5. After applying the guard, we approach the iron part of the root, gently turn inward and will do a slow until you reach the ends. 6. These plates have a swingarm, which prevents us make too much pressure on the hair. 7. We will repeat the action to have a good finish. 8. After making the back of the neck, we will continue making partitions very fine until it reaches the top of the Crown and also joining with the sides. 9. We will perform the same process every time. 10. At the top, must raise slightly the root to not burn the scalp and acquire slightly more than volume in this area. 11. When we make partitions and we are ironing the sides, the area back, Crown make a small gap that is hard to see, at a glance why We must give a reviewed total at the end, to join between if all parties. 12. The application of shellac is a good option to set all the hairstyle itself. We will apply above all on the part of the fringe to secure it well. SMALL tricks so that the tip is not straight, to get to it is good to tilt the iron inward stop bend it slightly. The smoke that we shed the ironing is not a cause by which it should scare us, is simply the moisture contained in...

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