Gratificara That afternoon I walked the aisles of the supermarket, canned products was that attracted my attention, had cans of love, passion, marriage, memories took passion Tin to see if someone careless had been dropped, and has been damaged. It was intact, but he had no date of expiration without meditate a moment saved in the cart and then with the left hand threw four more if this I couldn't. The room was crowded of people looking for fueling their empty hearts to unbridled rhythm. Had a freezer said: refrain from opening the door if you don't remove someone, people in a State of indefinite lethargy. I continued my March through the site and surrounded by the impressive tingling of fuzzy creatures. Some walked as a zombie from a horror movie, others had notable smiles that showed his excitement by the inexhaustible search and others simply walked as if they look at stained glass bought bars of chocolate, I always have some in my pantry. A luminous poster it caught my attention: cosmetics and with lyrics more small said: beautification of your soul, hurry I went and had creams of forgiveness, Follies rampant, wet feet in the stream, and scores of quereres, I pushed them all into the cart, is not something that someone pulled me, people there was very daring and possibly it would have snatched them me. A promoter too Prim, with face unseated by the pain that they caused her heels, approached me and gave me to taste snacks of challenges, I liked but I left them for my next foray into self-service. I went to the cash register used was a blonde enjuta and Dowdy underwent laser barcodes, told me the amount and abone him, with a tin of passions VICAIROT original author and source of the...
In Searle But, paradoxically, we have exchanged the phenomenon primarily interested in knowing, for an underlying explanation from which we can not even understand. In the author's words "(in the examples classics by) Part of the purpose of the reduction was subjective experiences to isolate and exclude from the definition of real phenomena, defined in terms of the features that interest us. But when the phenomenon that interests us most are the same subjective experiences, there is no way to isolate anything (...) We can not distinguish between appearance and reality for consciousness, because consciousness is even the appearance In Searle's biological naturalism , there are two alternative notions of causality, in order to describe both how to explain the relationships between brain, mind and behavior: 1. In a synchronic cut, the events of cerebral micro (1) cause and yet made the intention to move (2), the same way that muscle physiology (3) causes bodily movement (4). Both modes of causality are intra-entity (X) 2. In a diachronic, at the micro, neural excitation (a) cause muscle excitations (3), the same way, at the macro level, mental intentions cause body movement (4). Both modes of causality are inter-entity (Y) 3. Finally, cross-fit descriptions. So one could conclude that neural excitation (a) are the immediate cause of bodily movement (4), the same way that it can be said that mental intentions (2) affecting muscle physiology involved in voluntary movement (3). SOME ALTERNATIVES TO DUALISM trying to avoid reductionism BIOLOGICAL Naturalism JOHN SEARLE * The mind-body problem is a false problem, the product of conceptual errors inherited from the dualistic conception.

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