Massage - This Flesh Psychology Why do we get a massage? Until recently we had two main motives for access to the massage therapist: To achieve an aesthetic effect (different types of correction and maintenance of the body in top form) and achievement therapeutic effect (reduction of tension with the sick, tired muscles and joints). Now, when a man falls every day a huge amount of information, a lot of unfinished business and unresolved issues, the main reason for the massage therapist to queue wish - the desire to relax, relieve stress and for some time to forget all the things that worries us. Necessary luxuries As children we are surrounded by affection and attention. We are on the hands, kiss and hug, love and protect. As they get older we become more reserved, shy start to the open manifestation of our feelings. All that to which we are accustomed in childhood, is reduced to a formal kisses and handshakes reserved. Our body instinctively began to miss those emotions and emotional experiences that have remained in a light-hearted childhood. Society and social hierarchy taught us that excessive emotionality, suppleness and honest expression of our feelings is unacceptable for a person living in this society. Thus, each day we have to swallow everything that they could not say or do. And live accumulate from year to year, the psychological and physical stress. Unearned emotion - a threat to the health of our body is a screen on which is projected onto all the things that we would like to say or do, but for some why not say and did not.
Polypropylene - The Best Material For Pipes Firstly, in comparison with cast-iron pipes, polypropylene pipes have several advantages: increased chemical resistance no corrosion no deposits and fouling section ease of transportation and storage of light weight and smooth surface. Secondly, an important factor when choosing the material for the internal drainage is the upper limit of the allowable operating temperature. C the use of modern household appliances business sewer drain temperature usually reaches 95 C. Given that the allowable limit of temperatures on pipes made of polyethylene or pvc 65 C, when released into the sewer riser hot effluent, such as drainage from the washing machine or sinks of units catering, there is a deformation of the pipe, which leads to leaks in the joints. Thus, polypropylene, for which the upper limit of permissible temperature of 95 C, has a distinct advantage over other plastics. Third, in comparison with pvc pipes, pp pipes is much stronger, especially at low temperatures, which plays an important role in the transportation and installation in our climatic conditions. Moreover, pvc disadvantage from an environmental point of view - when chlorinated plastics combustion emits very harmful to human health phosgene, hydrogen chloride and dioxins, while polypropylene is an environmentally safe material. It should be noted that at the moment in Europe is almost rejected the use of pvc pipes for internal engineering systems. In addition we would like to say that the polypropylene products for the sewerage systems are not exposed to light and aging can be stored in 2-3 years outdoors, even at low temperature. Polypropylene pipes and fittings have slip-joint design and equipped with special seals, which increases the speed of installation 5-6 times and provides a tight seal. As the seals used two-blade ring of German production MOL-mounted system is easy to tolerate large temperature differences. Due to their...

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