Some Tips For Men With Canes Both men and women, reeds emerge when pigmentation stops being before. It is usually a process that occurs with age, can however also occur prematurely. Happily no longer why resign themselves to live with them, because there are many ways to hide them. Stylists recommend using special for canos hair shampoos. Although there are also dyes that cover them in their entirety, these only are recommended if the reeds percentage exceeds 30% of the hair. A very good choice and the most recommended are dyes semi-permanent, such as henna or a tone-on-tone coloring, since its process is smooth and healthy, do not contain peroxide or ammonia and its effect usually lasts about twelve washed. Those who have half covered with reeds hair Yes it is advisable permanent dye, always supervised by a specialist that the chemicals it contains could damage the scalp or cause allergies eyes, throat and skin, so it is always recommended to perform a test to verify that there is no such reaction. Dyes are a good choice if what you want is to look younger covering gray hair, but always taking into account the following recommendations: permanent dyes do not disappear with a few washes, so it is recommended that do in a hair salon where can help you choose the tone more in keeping with your color of their skin. The permanent haircolor for those men with hair loss problems, is not recommended since it could damage the capillary fibre. You always have to perform an allergy test to avoid reactions of this type. Light blond tones tuned and soften the face while dark tones harden traits. Original author and source of the article

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