Cosmetics Industry The industry of cosmetics is certainly one of the most put into motion in dates special as final of year. After all of accounts all we have some products of this line. A friend swears that proper Noel Papa uses such products to remain itself well apresentvel and perfumed in the natalino period. Today, in the first stocking hour of the day I only used seven products, I stopped to reflect the respect accurately to write this text. It writes down there and later it reflects on that you use in day-by-day. I used dental cream, shampoo, conditioner, sabonete, deodorant, solar protector and antiseptic dust; I am not of more the vain people. The protector, of the Natura, I bought in a Secretariat of a City hall for which we give service. He is one of the secrets of this business there, the salesmen can simultaneously play its functions to other works. It allows to repeat a history me, that already I counted some times, happened to the boarded being for a consultant of Avon. She was really a consultant, therefore it dominated all the sales techniques and demonstrated deep knowledge of the products. In our courses of Attendance and Sales we emphasize the difference that exists between a salesman and a consultant. While the first one if limits to serve what the customer looks for, as presents to the customer all the available options and the advantages that each one of the products will provide. The consultant is proactive, has attitude, feels pleasure in serving well and deciding the problem of the customer. He concludes sales and immediately already he speaks of the new features of the company for the consumer, what he can result in a new negotiation. The profile of the professional of the Avon was this...

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